HEATHER JEAN JORDAN & CAITLIN CONNELLY (folk / singer-songwriter duo • guitar / ukulele / keyboard)

DATE:  28 March 2024

TIME:  7:30 PM

LOCATION:  Kiguli Ballroom, Juniper Hotel & Bistro

PRICE:  $25 - General Admission

TICKETS BY PHONE:  587-287-6114

Music @ The Juniper's Spring 2024 series opens with Bow Valley’s own folky singer-songwriters, Heather Jean Jordan & Caitlin Connelly!

Heather Jean Jordan, a Banff-based singer-songwriter, weaves operatic vocals and folk influences into her original music, drawing inspiration from the landscape and stories of the prairies. Her debut album, "Some Dappled Night," released in 2023, explores mythic themes and earthly concerns with soaring vocals reminiscent of Judy Collins.

Meanwhile, Caitlin Connelly, a nomadic Rocky Mountain artist, crafts emotion-filled folk songs rooted in her experiences from canyons to break-ups, with a lifestyle that spans from Banff to Bali. Currently working on her third album, "Death + Other Endings," she enchants audiences worldwide with candid performances that warm hearts in venues ranging from living rooms to festivals.


Heather Jean Jordan is a singer-songwriter based in Banff, AB. Operatic vocals and folk sensibilities meet in this talented chanteuse.

A gifted and versatile performer, Heather Jean performs mainly original music drawing from a wide range of influences and genres. Her music is the tune you wake up whistling, the tall tale told by a crackling fire, the sweet song of a meadowlark on a clear summer's day. Seeking new depths in the folk genre, Heather Jean finds her inspiration in the landscape, creatures, and humans of this land, spinning stories and songs that reflect the innate worthiness, beauty, and humour of our inner and outer being. She has been performing, teaching and leading musical experiences across the prairies for over a decade.

Heather Jean's debut album  'Some Dappled Night,' was released in fall 2023. Centered around the stories we tell ourselves, mythic themes meld with earthly concerns in this nocturnal exploration of our place in the family of things. Soaring vocals, delicate ukulele, and supernatural keys - think 60's Judy Collins meets David Lynch.

Caitlin Connelly is a Rocky Mountain artist rooted in evergreen-fresh folk and small-town splendour. Inspired by canyons, caves, and excruciating break-ups, she uses thoughtfully-woven vocal melodies and careful fingerpicking to honestly channel emotion-filled experiences into mindful art. Connelly is notoriously nomadic and credits motion as one of the most influential and constant anchors in her mercurial and buoyant lifestyle. With a home-base in Banff National Park, the songwriter has also created space for herself on Vancouver Island, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Melbourne, and Bali. This has led to opportunities both career-building and breath-taking, such as performing from sea to sea - Vancouver to Halifax - on a passenger train, filming music videos in Hollywood, and hitch-hiking thousands of kilometres through the outback of Australia and the California coast. She's often seen solo, guitar in hands, warming theatres, bars, living rooms, coffee shops, festivals, and sidewalks with her candid performances and is currently finishing up recording her third full-length (but first solo) album “Death + Other Endings”.






11 April 2024

7:30 PM

Kiguli Ballroom, Juniper Hotel & Bistro