Celebrating Music @ The Juniper's 2-Year Anniversary

This month (March 2024), we are celebrating the 2-year anniversary of Music @ The Juniper!

Since our inaugural concert in March 2022, this series has included:

• 11 captivating performances

• 17 talented and engaging artists, including 5 ensembles

• 700+ attendees

• An enriched community

 "We are tremendously grateful for the immense and ongoing community support in these past 2 years - and look forward to continuing, what we hope will become - a tradition of hosting world-class talent in the Bow Valley!"

-Lev Nesterov, Artistic Director

Rocky Mountain Outlook - March 26, 2024

Banff's Music @ The Juniper returns with anniversary shows






Banff, AB — March 11, 2024 Music @ The Juniper, produced by Peaks + Prairies Productions in collaboration with Banff’s Juniper Hotel & Bistro, is celebrating its 2-year anniversary with an unveiling of its spring series artist lineup. Banff’s premier concert series invites concert goers for a harmonious celebration of music, nature, and community at one of Bow Valley’s most iconic hotels.

Beginning on March 28th, it is showtime in the intimate embrace of Juniper Hotel’s Kiguli Ballroom, as the series aspires to create three memorable musical journeys, with culinary delights offered by the Juniper Bistro. Audiences will be introduced to three new performing acts, all who will be aiming to bring a spirit of connection, warmth, and lively entertainment.

Tickets start at $25 per person, with an optional pre-show dinner add-on hosted by the Juniper Bistro – the #2 rated restaurant in Banff.


Lev Nesterov, Artistic Director of Music @ The Juniper: “This month, we celebrate two years since our inaugural concert which took place in March 2022.  We are tremendously grateful for the immense and ongoing community support of 11 captivating performances, delivered by 17 talented and engaging artists over these past two years. I am excited to continue, what I hope will become, a tradition of bringing world-class talent to the Bow Valley.”


Music @ The Juniper’s Spring 2024 Schedule:


·       Thursday, March 28, 7:30 PM – Heather Jean Jordan & Caitlin Connelly, folk/singer-songwriter duo

·       Thursday, April 4, 7:30 PM – Justine Giles Duo feat. Sarah Houston, singer-songwriter duo

·       Thursday, April 11, 7:30 PM – Jeremy Gignoux Acoustic Ensemble, violin/bass/banjo/guitar


Tickets for the Music @ The Juniper events are on sale now. Visit https://www.musicatthejuniper.ca/ to purchase your tickets in advance, subscribe to the email newsletter, and stay tuned for more shows in the series to be announced soon.



About the Artists:


Heather Jean Jordan, a Banff-based singer-songwriter, weaves operatic vocals and folk influences into her original music, drawing inspiration from the landscape and stories of the prairies. Her debut album, "Some Dappled Night," released in 2023, explores mythic themes and earthly concerns with soaring vocals reminiscent of Judy Collins. Meanwhile, Caitlin Connelly, a nomadic Rocky Mountain artist, crafts emotion-filled folk songs rooted in her experiences from canyons to break-ups, with a lifestyle that spans from Banff to Bali. Currently working on her third album, "Death + Other Endings," she enchants audiences worldwide with candid performances that warm hearts in venues ranging from living rooms to festivals.


Justine Giles, a Calgary-based singer-songwriter, fearlessly bares her soul in her latest single "Before It's Too Late," adding to her growing discography of emotive bluesy rock and heartfelt ballads. With national recognition on the rise through appearances on CBC and showcases with CCMA and Jim Beam, Giles channels influences like Maren Morris and Sheryl Crow to captivate audiences with her raw authenticity. Sarah Houston, also based in Calgary, crafts lush and vibrant musical landscapes through her compositions, drawing listeners into intricate sonic worlds with her experimental approach to piano and melody. With over 4 million streams on Spotify from her 2023 album "From the Window," Houston continues to push boundaries, eagerly anticipating the release of her fifth solo album in 2025.


Jeremy Gignoux is ever oscillating between calling himself a violinist or a fiddler. Playing within those lines, he has developed an original sound and technique. His main project, the Jeremy Gignoux Acoustic Ensemble plays lyrical instrumental music that defies genre classification, stretching from Parisian Swing to folk experiments. His compositions are featured in his first album Cinacoustic. Grateful to live and play in Mohkinstsis in Treaty 7 territory (also known as Calgary, AB), the Ensemble will perform as a trio with Keith Rodger on upright bass and tenor banjo and Wayne Garrett on acoustic guitar.


About Peaks + Prairies Productions:

Peaks + Prairies Productions (PPP), founded in 2021, produces high-quality music events and facilitates opportunities for aspiring musicians in Alberta and Western Canada. PPP regularly spearheads new projects to bring artists and audiences together, such as curating a brand-new concert series in Banff, Music @ The Juniper. Its most dynamic offering, the Peaks + Prairies Ensemble, is an artist collective featuring a large and diverse roster of high-caliber musicians. By offering a platform for performers on the concert hall stage, in pop-up park performances, festivals, or private home concerts, PPP brings the power of live music to audiences, while empowering artists and inspiring the next generation of music lovers.

Learn more at peaksandprairies.org.


About the Juniper Hotel & Bistro:
Conveniently located only minutes from the heart of Banff, the Juniper Hotel & Bistro looks out over Banff from the lower slopes of Mount Norquay and offers unbeatable views of the Bow Valley, great food, warm hospitality, and naturally uplifting experiences. Independently owned and operated, the hotel is located next to both a wildlife corridor and a 4,000-year-old archeological site, therefore is fully immersed in the unique culture of the Rocky Mountains. From stunning panoramic views of the mountains to handcrafted Canadian cuisine, every aspect of the Juniper experience is designed to be local, authentic, and memorable. Learn more at thejuniper.com.


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